Silica Gel Silice

Silica Gel

Kara offers silica gel to industrial clients who need to control humidity. On reception, the product is blue (or orange), but with prolonged exposure to moisture, silica gel becomes pink (or green). When it has completely changed color, the silica gel is ready to be replaced or reactivated. The product can be reactivated a few times, but will eventually need to be replaced completely.

Silica Gel
Blue to pink.
Gel de silice
Orange to Green.

Uses of Silica Gel
While there are many uses of Silica Gel packets, twelve of the most common ones are mentioned below:

Silica Gel Silice
Remove Smell from Old Books:
Silica Gel sachets are very useful in removing the old rusty smell from books, which have been untouched for a long period of time. While some people like this smell, there are many others who are not comfortable with it. Placing Silica Gel sachets with the old books will be quite helpful.

Safeguard Cameras from Condensation:
Many times when the cameras shift from cold environments to warmer ones, condensation can happen. This leaves marks on the lens and can affect the functioning of the camera. To prevent this from happening, place your camera parts along with Silica Gel sachets. This will remove all the extra moisture.

Keep Underwater Cameras Dry:
Staying with cameras, Silica Gel is also very useful in protecting underwater cameras from condensation and fog developing on the camera lens.

Keep Travel Bags Moisture-Free:
Placing some Silica Gel sachets in your travel bag ensures that all moisture/water vapour will be removed and the bag will remain humidity-free.

Help in Using Razor Blades for Long:
Most razor blades get spoiled due to exposure to oxygen and moisture. One can safeguard against this by keeping the razor blades in a box filled with Silica Gel. Doing this will remove all the moisture present on the razor blades.

Keeps Craft Material Dry:
Sewing and fabric material for craft work can be kept dry with help from a few Silica Gel sachets.

Many types of medicines and vitamin tablets are prevented from getting spoilt by placing Silica Gel sachets alongside them, which removes all the moisture present.

Preserve Flowers:
Flowers are known to wilt away in a few days. However, certain flowers, which are reminders of important occasions, can be preserved for longer periods of time by placing them along with Silica Gel sachets.

Maintain Moisture-Free Make-up:
Placing Silica Gel sachets along with one’s make-up items will ensure that they remain dry and free from moisture-related issues.

Preserve Important Documents:
Silica Gel sachets can be placed alongside important documents to preserve them and safeguard them from moisture.

Keep Pet Food Fresh:
When large amounts of pet food are kept for a long time, it can get soggy due to moisture. Placing some Silica Gel sachets near the soggy food will help remove the dampness.

Jewellery Items:
Silica Gel sachets can also protect jewellery items from tarnishing as they will remove all the moisture from the jewellery box.


Benefits of Using Cargo Dry Pak in Ship Containers

There are many advantages of using desiccants like cargo dry pak while transporting goods via ships.

These include:

  1. The desiccant can absorb almost all the atmospheric moisture present in the head of the package.
  2. As ship journeys take up a really long time, desiccants are widely used as they can keep goods fresh for more than 50 days at a stretch.
  3. These desiccants offer protection against all types of rust, mildew and corrosion, which can prove to be very harmful to the packaged products.
  4. Desiccants  are 100% environmental friendly and hence very safe for the environment. After their use, these moisture absorbers can be disposed in a non-hazardous manner.
  5. Other than ships, these desiccants are also used to keep products fresh while they are transported using other mediums like rail, air, ocean and trucks.