Protectives Coating

Metal tarnish remover - Désoxydant pour métaux
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  • 12 units of 396g(14oz) / case

Metal tarnish remover, cleans, polish and preserves

Environmentally safe, contains non chlorinated solvent, fresh citrus aroma. A non corrosive and non abrasive foam cleaners and leaves a residual protective coating to protect against future tarnish and oxidation.

USE : Restore original lustre on : Brass, copper, bronze, silver, aluminium, stainless steel, chrome.

Scellant à béton
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  • 20 litres
  • 205 litres

Concrete sealant without odours

Protective coating for industrial floor, garage entrance, patios, sidewalks, inside garage. Hardened the concrete to make it resistant to oils, chemicals, high temperature, moistures and reduce concrete dust. Penetration of ¼ inch inside the concrete that make it water insoluble.

Belt dressing Enduit
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FLEX(fda) A-507
  • 12 units of 311g(11 oz) / case

Belt dressing for belts : V, flat, round, in leather, rubber, fabric.

Increases power without gumming. Will not glaze or collect dirt.

USE : Works well in wet, outdoor conditions. For industry : Automotive, farm, industrial, institutional, food plant, belts dressing.

Cold zinc gavanizing zingage à froid
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GALVAX (fda) A-513
  • 12 units of 396g(14oz) / case

Cold zinc gavanizing

Rust proofs metal. Prevents rust creepage. Equivalent to hot dip zinc galvanizing. Highly resistant to salt corrosion and water. Electro-mechanical causes healing action where surface is crashed or broken.

USE : For industrial, institutional and food plant use.

Stainless steel coating inoxydable
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INOX(fda) A-591
  • 12 units of 396g(13oz) / case

Stainless steel coating

High temperature up to 260ºC (500ºF). Chemical, corrosion, abrasion resistant. A super tough coating made from pure stainless steel flakes combined with a polyurethane resin. Non-flammable when dry.

USE : Protects metals and ceramics from chemical processing and production equipments, fire hydrants, steam pipes, radiators, exhausts, mufflers, boilers, engines, ovens, tanks, heat exchangers. For industrial, institutional and food plant use.

Skin barrier cream Crème à mains
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LOOK A-511
  • 12 units of 396g(14oz) / case

Skin barrier cream

Lets your skin breath through a colorless shield.Protects hand against : ink, grease, pipe dope, paint, dirt, grime and others.Invisible skin protector shields hands from irritation caused by contact with acids, epoxies, Fiberglas and other water and oil soluble chemicals. Forms a highly protective barrier between skin and dirt, oil, grease, solvent, paints, resins, tar, ink and shop grime. Protected hands can then be washed clean easily. Contains Lanolin for moisturising. Allows skin to breathe while protected and is not removed by water alone. Excellent when working with small parts when gloves may be disturbing.

Vaporisateur Lubricating, penetrating, Cleaning, Protecting, Displacing moisture.
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MULTI(fda) A-570
  • 12 units of 425g(15oz) / case

5 fonctions spray

1- Lubricating, 2- penetrating, 3- Cleaning, 4- Protecting, 5- Displacing moisture.

Non-chlorinated. Dielectric 38 000 volt. Non-flammable spray. Meets MIL Spec C-23411. Displace water. Easy to apply. Ready to use. Retards corrosion and prevents rusting. Never dries. Loosens nuts and bolts, rust and scale. Leaves water-displacing sheild and lubricating film. Prevents mechanical and electrical failures due to moisture. Preserves and prolongs life of valuable equipment.

USE : Metal surfaces and parts of electrical, mechanical, machinery, engines, electric motors, circuits and ignition systems, in factories, workshops, garages, farm, aviation. For industrial institutional & food plant use.

Spray on pipe insulation Isolant
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  • 12 units of 425g(15oz) / case

Spray on pipe insulation

Stops sweating of cold pipes, dries quickly. White foamy insulation and water-resistant. Can be painted when completely dry. Adheres to galvanized and PVC pipe.

USE : Prevents condensation on : water pipes, refrigeration coils, condensers, cold air ducts, valves and fittings, water tanks, etc.

Rust exterminator Antirouille
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  • 12 units of 311g(11oz) / case

Rust exterminator, encapsulates & neutralizes rust.

– Paintable – Metal primer

USE : The chemical action produce a tough, long term, rust preventative coating. Seals and prolongs the life of ferrous metals. The treated surface, when cured, this protective finish can be painted.

Metal parts protector Protecteur
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SEAL A-537
  • 12 units of 396g(14oz) / case

Metal parts protector

Prevents long term corrosion. Gives complete protection indoor and outdoor atmospheres. Non-chlorinated. Meets following specifications : MIL-C-16173D ; MIL-C-83933A. Coating, when set up, will not run or wipe off. Coating will not crack or peel even under severe flexing or extreme temperature. Dust and dirt can be wiped off easily without disturbing coated surface. Coating can be removed with mineral spirits.

USE : Was designed for machinery and metal parts that may be shipped, stored temporary. Coating dries clear allowing for easy identification of parts.

TECHNICAL DATA :Temperature ranging from -40ºC at +80ºC

Rubberized protective Enduit protecteur
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  • 12 units of 396g(14oz) / case

Rubberized protective coating

Seals – Prevents rust – Not freeze and stay flexible.A thick black, flexible film undercoating which is impervious to water, salt, calcium chloride and road chemicals. Will not freeze, crack, sag or peel. Seals and protects against rust and corrosion. Features superior bonding, flexibility and sound resistance. Reduces squeaks and noise.

USE : Wheel wells, trunk lids, fenders, hoods, springs, frame parts, steering components, ducts, plastic pipes, metal sinks, metal walls, elevator parts and metal gutters.

Trim and rubber dressing. garnitures et caoutchouc
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PN-100 A-547
  • 12 units of 283g(10oz) / case

Trim and rubber dressing.

Renew and shines : Rubber, vinyl and plastic. Easy to use no wiping, long lasting, restores life and weather resistant.Quick and easy to use.

USE : Restores shine, body, moisture to rubber, renews faded and colour of plastic for weeks. Protected against harmful UV rays that cause cracking, fading and premature aging.

Dry lubricant with PTFE Lubrifiant sec
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ALASKA (fda) A-531
  • 12 units of 283g(10oz) / case

Dry lubricant with PTFE, chemically inert, non-oily, fast drying.
Lubricant and release agent made with an extremely fine fluorotelomer powder. Features outstanding microscopic film forming properties and resists temperatures from -73ºC to +260ºC (-100ºF to +500ºF).

USE : For industrial, institutional, food plants. An odorless, stainless coating that is more slippery than silicone, graphite or oil. The dry film is not affected by most chemicals.