Food Grade Lubricant and Oils

The food manufacturing and transforming industry make it a priority to be up to standards when it comes to meet CFIA requirements. Since most food transformation companies rely heavily on production equipment, the use of high quality food grade lubricants and food grade oils is crucial to assure the equipment is working properly.

What are food grade lubricants?
Food grade lubricants are lubricants that are accepted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency ( CFIA ).

Which food grade lubricant do I need?
The best choice of food grade lubricant depends highly on the type of machinery and the possibility of contacts between the lubricant and the food. Food grade lubricants have to offer the same high performance as any standard lubricant while maintaining sanitary standards. Produits Industriels Kara provides these food grade lubricants and oils to professional companies at competitive prices. Most of these products offer specific properties and advantages for different applications, if you are not sure about which lubricant to choose, speak with one of our representatives.

For more information about our selection of food grade lubricants and food grade oils, browse our food grade products list.