Lubrifiants et Produits Chimiques
Chemicals and Lubricants
Produits Industriels et Commerciaux
Industrial and Commercial Products
Gel de Silice
Silica Gel
Lubrifiants Grade Alimentaire
Food Grade Lubricant
Nettoyage par Ultrason
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Lubrifiants grade alimentaire
Food grade lubricants
Lubrifiants industriels
Industrial lubricants
Gel de Silice
Silica Gel
Solvants industriels
Industrial solvents
Produits industriels Kara
Kara Industrial Products

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Industrial lubricants, chemical products and ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

Since 1984, Produits industriels Kara has been offering specialized industrial lubricants, chemical products, ultrasonic cleaning systems and other industrial products for the industrial market and the food processing industries. Our reputation is based on customer service and high quality products.


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We offer a large selection of our own products and also from various companies. Our highly specialized product range allows us to offer equivalent or substitute product. Furthermore, we are also amongst the few ultrasonic cleaning systems manufacturer in Quebec. We design and manufacture each ultrasonic cleaning system according to our clients’ specifications.


Produits Industriels Kara

438 Aimé Vincent
Vaudreuil Dorion, Québec
J7V 5V5

T.: 450-218-9908
F.: 514-630-3755



Since 1984

Silica Gel

We are proud to be the largest distributor of Silica Gel in Canada.

Our Prodcuts

Silica Gel Blue, Silica Gel Orange, Silica Gel White, Silica Gel Beads, Silica Gel Crystals, Indicating Silica Gel, Non-Indicating Silica Gel, Silica Gel Breather Transformer, Silica Gel Dehumidifier, Silica Gel Sachets, Moisture Absorbers...

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Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is used more and more in different applications by various type of industries.

Lease Financing

Lease financing is a very common financing solution for businesses that need to acquire equipment. Repayments are spread over several months and are tax deductible.

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Industrial lubricants

Food grade lubricants approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Food Grade

Since most food transformation companies rely heavily on production equipment, the use of high quality food grade lubricants and food grade oils is crucial to assure the equipment is working properly.

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Chemical Products

Our reputation is based on customer service and high quality products.

Our Prodcuts

Industrial lubricants, Compressor oils and coolants, Industrial adhesives, Industrial solvents, Industrial and commercial cleaners.

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